Advion Ant Bait Arena case (120 stations)

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Syngenta's Advion Ant Bait Arena is a breakthrough solution for effective ant control, perfect for sensitive situations. These bait arenas can be strategically placed where ants are actively foraging or suspected, ensuring outstanding results. The innovative MetaActive™ effect targets various ant species, including sweet feeders, and its unique, highly attractive formulation makes it stand out. Powered by indoxacarb, an unmatched active ingredient in its class, this bait arena performs like no other insecticide. For indoor use, carefully inspect and place one to four arenas in ant-prone areas, such as along trails, walls, under appliances, and more. For outdoor use, apply near active foraging spots, building exteriors, and potential entry points. Keep your spaces ant-free with Advion Ant Bait Arena – inspect and replace as needed every two to three months for continued protection.