Cimarron Plus Herbicide bottle (2 oz)

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Cimarron Plus Herbicide is a versatile and effective solution for weed control in rangelands, pastures, and CRP areas. It offers long-term residual control, targeting over 100 different weeds, including yucca, sericia lespedeza, and bahiagrass. This herbicide is particularly flexible, allowing for various applications such as pre-plant, pre-emergent, early post-emergent, and spot treatments. Its low usage rate of 0.125 to 1.25 oz/acre makes it efficient and cost-effective. Cimarron Plus can be mixed with other herbicides, applied using different methods including ground or aerial equipment, and is compatible with water or liquid fertilizer for weed and feed treatments. Importantly, it imposes no haying or grazing restrictions and is easy to store, handle, measure, and mix due to its dry flowable formulation. Additionally, it offers great flexibility for legume re-cropping, enhancing its appeal for agricultural use.

CA NY (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)