Axilo 13% Chelated Mn bag (5 lbs)

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Valagro Axilo Mn is compatible with a wide range of fertilizers and pesticides, however, a compatibility jar test should be performed before mixing, especially with phosphorous fertilizers. Valagro Axilo Mn is 13% chelated manganese(Mn) for corrections of manganese deficiencies.The Axilo line (100% EDTA-chelated) of water-soluble micro-granule micronutrients are characterized by improved plant availability, handling convenience, shelf-life stability, high solubility and tank-mix/low spray volume compatibility compared to other products on the market.

Manganese functions as part of certain enzyme systems. It aids in the synthesis of chlorophyll and in nitrate assimilation. Manganese increases the availability of phosphorus and calcium. It also functions in the formation of riboflavin, ascorbic acid and carotene.