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Surmise Pro herbicide is a powerful solution for controlling broadleaf weeds and grasses. As a post-emergent, non-selective herbicide, it can be easily mixed with water and applied as a spray. This Group 10 herbicide, acting as a glutamine synthetase inhibitor, primarily targets the foliage of weeds with minimal residual activity in the soil. Within just 2 to 4 days after application, visible effects such as necrosis of leaves and young shoots become evident, particularly under favorable growing conditions. Surmise Pro provides numerous benefits, including its ability to control a wide range of annual and perennial weeds. Its reduced translocation makes it suitable for creating clear boundaries around golf turf, sand traps, and athletic fields, as well as accurately treating areas with existing ornamentals in landscape beds. It can also be used as a pre-plant treatment for turf, ornamentals, and greenhouses due to its minimal soil residual. Additionally, Surmise Pro serves as an excellent tank mix partner with pre-emergent herbicides like prodiamine, oryzalin, and oxadiazon, making it an effective rotation herbicide for managing resistance issues that may arise.