Sandea Herbicide

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Sandea Herbicide is a powerful selective herbicide that provides effective control of sedges and other listed broadleaf weeds both pre and post emergently in crops and turf. With its systemic movement through the nutsedge, this herbicide translocates the product into the tubers or nutlets to prevent further spreading of the nutsedge population. Within 24 hours of application, it inhibits cell growth in target weeds, providing visible results within 7-14 days. For optimal results, always place Sandea Herbicide in the tank first to ensure proper dissolution of the soluble granules. A good penetrating surfactant is recommended to move the product into the leaf of the blade. Immediate application of the spray solution is necessary to prevent product breakdown and loss of efficacy. Late summer to early fall is the ideal time for treatment, as Sandea Herbicide is most effective when the nutsedge is actively growing. Say goodbye to pesky weeds with Sandea Herbicide!
AK, DC, MT, VT (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)