PBO-8 Synergist quart (32 oz)

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PBO-8 Synergist is an emulsifiable concentrate designed to enhance the performance of insecticides and manage resistance in pests. Its active ingredient, Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO), is the only US-made version and works by inhibiting the enzymes insects use to break down insecticides, thus prolonging their effectiveness. Suitable for various settings from residential to livestock housing, PBO-8 is safe for humans and the environment due to its low toxicological risk. It can be used with different fogging, misting, or spray equipment, though not in outdoor residential misting systems. PBO-8 is ideal for resistant management and approved for use in food handling areas, making it a versatile tool for pest control.

This product is a synergist designed to be mixed with an insecticide for control of a variety of insect pests.