Overture 35 WP Insecticide bag (8 x 2 oz packets)

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Overture 35 WP Insecticide is a wettable powder formulated with 35 percent active ingredient pyridalyl, specifically designed for enclosed greenhouse environments. It effectively controls thrips, including Western flower thrips, and larvae of various lepidopteran pests in greenhouse-grown ornamentals, such as flowering and foliage crops, ground covers, shrubs, ornamental trees, and non-bearing fruit and nut trees. Overture works through both contact and ingestion, with contact activity providing rapid control. It features strong translaminar activity, allowing it to penetrate leaves and control pests feeding on the underside, ensuring effective pest management even with challenging under-leaf spray coverage. Recognized for its unique mode of action, Overture is excellent for resistance management and is gentle on beneficial insects, making it an ideal choice for integrated pest management in greenhouses.