Apex Fertilizer 21-5-6 Super Iron Plus Micros bag (50 lbs)

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APEX 21-5-6 Super Iron Topdress with GAL-XeONE is a premium controlled-release fertilizer designed for professional use in the maintenance of trees and shrubs. It is ideal for year-round top dressing, including fall applications to enhance foliage and maintain winter colors. Featuring high iron content, it ensures dark green foliage, crucial for retaining fall and winter colors, thus benefiting early spring sales. Incorporating the innovative GAL-XEONE controlled-release technology, this fertilizer from the APEX line reduces labor costs and increases application safety, providing a consistent nutrient delivery for up to 18 months. Its application-specific formulations are recognized for their reliability and efficiency in nutrient delivery, significantly reducing the need for frequent top dressing and offering exceptional protection against application errors.