Pendulum Aquacap Herbicide

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Pendulum AquaCap herbicide, featuring BASF's patented technology, encapsulates pendimethalin, a leading preemergent active ingredient, in an ultra-thin, water-based capsule. This innovative formulation offers a highly effective, economical solution for preemergent weed control in various settings, including field- and container-grown nursery stock, ornamental bulbs, wildflowers, landscape plantings, and areas for container placement. It provides effective control over more than 40 grassy and broadleaf weed species, boasting a coverage of 21 common grasses and 25 troublesome broadleaf weeds. Additionally, Pendulum AquaCap is user-friendly, exhibiting minimal odor and allowing easy equipment cleaning with water, making it an excellent choice for weed control in ornamental plants in landscapes.