T-1 Creeping Bentgrass Seed bucket (25 lbs)

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T-1 Creeping Bentgrass is a revolutionary variety known for its remarkable dark blue-green color, making it ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of golf course greens, tees, and fairways. Originating from a mix of heritage strains found in the Southern United States and dwarf-type cultivars from Oregon, T-1 features a unique genetic makeup that enables it to flourish under a wide range of management practices and environmental conditions. Its aggressive growth against annual bluegrass and superior stolon production ensure rapid establishment and recovery from damage, making it an excellent choice for maintaining tournament-quality turf. T-1 is celebrated as the "Forgiving Bent," designed with mid-budget courses in mind, yet capable of providing championship greens without the intensive maintenance typically required. Its resilience against common turf diseases and ability to outcompete Poa annua further establish T-1 as a leading choice for golf courses seeking tenacious ground coverage and a luxurious putting surface.