Defendor Herbicide quart (32 oz)

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Defendor Herbicide is a specialty post-emergent herbicide that works to provide control over annual and perennial broadleaf weeds during the early season when other herbicides don't work. Defendor can also be applied at the same time as the first fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicides are being applied as well, giving you the most flexibility in how to control the weed population on your property, working great during both cool and warm seasons. Defendor Herbicide can also be directly mixed with liquid fertilizers and other tank sprayable products, to decrease the time required to apply all the chemicals you need to keep your property in good condition. Using a low rate, especially when compared to other post-emergent herbicides, Defendor controls some of the most obnoxious and resilient weeds that can bloom, even before they bloom.

CA NY (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)