Quincept Herbicide

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Quincept Herbicide provides post-emergent control of over 200 broadleaf and grassy weeds. It contains a powerful combination of 3 active ingredients 2,4-D, Quinclorac, and Dicamba which effectively control unwanted weeds such as dandelion, black medic, chickweed, plantain, knotweed, oxalis, clover, thistle, crabgrass, foxtail, barnyardgrass, signalgrass, and more. It is perfect for late season rescue for weed escapes or as a clean-up for areas that did not receive a pre-emergent herbicide application in the spring. This product can be absorbed by both roots and foliage and translocated throughout the plant and is recommended for use on residential and non-residential turfgrasses, including lawns or grounds around residential and commercial establishments, parks, airports, roadsides, schools, picnic grounds, athletic fields, cemeteries, golf courses, and sod farms. Ideal for broadcast spray or spot applications. Available in 2.5-gallon jug.

Available Sizes:

  • Quincept Herbicide – quart
  • Quincept Herbicide – 2.5 gallon

For use in California: Biotypes of large and smooth crabgrass in California have shown varied response to this product. If control failure occurs following a full or split application, DO NOT reapply this product. Change to a herbicide with a different mode of action.

AK, HI, PR NY, VT (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)