Transport GHP Insecticide jar (24 x .3 oz packs)

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Transport GHP (General Household Pest) is one of the newest products from FMC. Transport GHP combines the powerful residual of bifenthrin with the transfer effect of acetamiprid. This means that you get fast colony elimination of pests with residual control of up to 90 days. Transport GHP is also an excellent product in the fight against bed bugs and has shown amazing results.

Transport GHP comes in a jar containing 24 x .3 ounce water soluble packets. One small pack is easily mixed with a gallon of water in hand-held tank sprayer. Just drop the pack in and wait a few minutes. The pack dissolves and allow the product to mix with the water. Just shake, and it is ready to be sprayed. Water Soluble Packets make mixing easy, with no mess.

CA, CT (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)