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EndZone Insecticide Sticker by FMC is used for the knockdown of the following filth flies: little house flies, house flies, bottle flies, blow flies, phorid flies, flesh flies, fungus gants, and vinegar/fruit flies. There are no vapors or fumes released. The product features a bittering agent to prevent accidental ingestion. Each sticker has a coating that is attractive to listed filth flies. After the flies ingest the coating, they die within 1 minute. Flies will usually die underneath the sticker and dead flies do not stick to EndZone Insecticide Sticker. Easily remove the dead flies using a vacuum or broom. Simply place a sticker near the filth fly resting, feeding, and breeding sites. Stickers may be placed in kitchens, commercial trash areas, and food storage areas. Stickers can be used near light sources, on windows, and other surfaces where these flies congregate. Stickers can also be adhered to the inside and outside of fly lights or light traps as well as fly bait stations. This Endzone Insecticide Sticker can be used with a catch basin, just be sure to remove any dead flies on a routine basis. Be sure to place the stickers in areas where they will not get wet and keep them dry after application.

How many stickers you use will be based on the area and size of where the flies are found. The use of one sticker per 1000 cubic feet of space is the recommendation. More stickers are used for heavy infestations. Place one sticker per window for quicker results or in rooms with high infestations. Stickers should be replaced indoors after 7 months and outdoors after 4 months or on a as needed basis. Replace stickers more often when contaminated by filth, dust, dirt, and etc. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Pack - 20 stickers

Box - contains 12 packs - total 240 stickers

Case - contains 6 boxes which is 72 packs - total 1440 stickers