Tandem Insecticide quart (32 oz)

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Tandem Insecticide is a powerful combination of thiamethoxam and lambda-cyhalothrin. Tandem Insecticide uses the combination of the two active ingredients to provide fast knock down and residual control of more than 90 pests. Use Tandem both indoors and outdoors from "cupboard to curb" in commercial, residential, and food-handling areas. Unique to Syngenta is iCAP microencapsulation technology providing the active ingredients protection against environmental conditions by using different sized capsules.

Tandem also provides systemic control of pests in plants using the active thiamethoxam. This active moves quickly into leaves where honeydew producing pests like aphids, scales, and whiteflies feed killing those pests and in turn limiting the supply of food for other pests such as ants.

HI NY, CT (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)